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3D Pro Xtreme

The best value in high security key cutting on the market by far. Install Laser Key Products software on your laptop and start cutting keys right away.

Key Features

  • Cuts by code, including half-cuts
  • Decode keys, including high security keys with internal cuts. Compensates for wear and decodes back to factory original cuts.
  • Fully automatic calibration
  • Includes cutting wheel for plunge cutting normal keys and 2.5mm for laser cutting high security keys
  • Includes VW adapter (HU66). Mercedes and BMW adapters now built into the jaw-top.
  • Designed for mobile applications. Bolt-down kit available.
  • Universal tracer for decoding standard and high security keys
  • Tibbe jaw available
  • No tools needed to interchange parts
  • Easily updated via the Internet
  • Native USB connectivity
  • Emergency stop button
  • Universal tracer
  • Traditional cutter wheel
  • Fully integrated 4-way jaw
  • Electronic calibration
  • Brush Wheel
  • Shavings tray
  • High security jaw cuts
    • BMW
    • Mercedes
    • Volkswagon
    • Audi
    • Lexus
    • and more

Extreme version features:

  • New, traditional cutting wheel for standard keys
  • New software much easier to use
  • New all-in-one jaw combines both 4-way standard and laser jaws into one
  • New, integrated brush wheel
  • New chip tray keeps your work areas clean

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Bianchi Laser 994


Width:  10" 
Weight:  33 lbs.